Pregnancy and your teeth

Yesterday was International Woman’s Day so I thought I would take the opportunity to write about pregnancy and your teeth.
So firstly congratulations if you are expecting a baby, that is a very exciting event!
With pregnancy there is always other things to worry abou .........

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Fluoride is a natural mineral which helps fight of the effects of tooth decay.

Fluoride is not artificial or a medication but a natural mineral present in vegetables, grains, soil and rocks, and also the most well-known so .........

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Veteran Affairs

The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) can issue either a Gold card or White card if you are a Veteran. If you are eligible for one of these cards you can receive Dental treatment from any Dentist that is registered to provide services through the Medicare benefits scheme.  .........

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Infection control

I thought I would write about infection control at a Dental surgery, some patients may not be aware of how strict infection control in Australian Dental surgeries are. Infection control procedures are put in place to protect patients, Dentist and practice staff as well as th .........

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How to brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth is a very important part of your oral care. Besides getting a professional clean done at the Dentist at least every 6 months, you still need to maintain your teeth with correct brushing techniques. Question is, are you brushing your teeth properly?


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Sensitive teeth

If at some point you’re experiencing short, sharp pain from cold, hot or pressure you may have sensitive teeth. Cold or hot drinks, cold air or some dental procedures can be common triggers of s .........

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Children Eruption Chart

The chart below is a guide to let you know when your child’s primary teeth should erupt and shed. Keeping

in mind this chart is a guide so your child may not loose there baby teeth at these exact times, all children’s< .........

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Over the years working in the Dental industry, I have come across many patients who are very anxious about seeing a Dentist, myself included when I was a kid. I have heard the “I would rather give birth than see a Dentist” many times or “I hate Dentist” so so many ti .........

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If you are a person that prefers to save a tooth rather than get the tooth removed than your only option is root canal treatment if your tooth qualifies upon examination. Indication that your tooth may need a root canal include a damaged or infected pulp from trauma or advan .........

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Problems with Dentures

Previously Dentures would have been referred to as false teeth. Dentures now are not similar to what say your Grandparents used to wear, they are more natural looking and comfortable. Of course, they won’t stay comfortable or retain a good appearance if they are not looked .........

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