Visit Us for a Brighter Smile

All of us at Ashburton Dental Centre would love to see you and help make your smile brighter. We offer pain free Gentle Dental Care from our three wonderful experienced Dentists Dr Katherine Tan, Dr Qui Huynh and Dr Lisa Staer. All three will make sure your teeth and gums are well looked after. Our […]

Grinding your teeth

Nearly one in ten people grind their teeth and many of these people who grind don’t know they are doing it. Teeth grinding is known as Bruxism which means the gnashing and grinding of teeth with no functional purpose. There is sleep bruxism which happens while you sleep and wake time bruxism which happens while […]

Tips to help gagging

Visiting the Dentist when you gag can be an uncomfortable experience. I myself gag in the Dentist chair, when I brush my teeth and even when I floss. It is very difficult for me to get x-rays of my teeth but over the years I have gotten a lot better at controlling my gag reflex. […]


Most people have a filling or two in their mouth, either due from decay or trauma. When you go for your regular Dental check-up, the Dentist can determine from the help of X-rays if any decay is present. If there is decay the Dentist can decide the best method to use to restore the tooth. […]

Coffee and bad breath

Today I thought I would write about the reason why coffee causes bad breath. I myself love coffee but I don’t love how my mouth feels after drinking a coffee. Food and drinks we eat tend to make us smell like what we have consumed. These food and drinks are digested in our stomachs and […]


Most of us know with the New Year comes New Year resolutions. Everyone gets back into their yearly sport teams or rush into new and exciting sport and activities. While this is all well and good remember to think of your pearly whites as you don’t want to risk an accident or knock to your […]


Everyone knows including myself that the Christmas holiday season can send our routine and eating habits into complete chaos. At this time of the year everyone is busy so we tend to slip out of our normal routine and are tempted with sweet treats that are hard to avoid or resist. I have a few […]

Child Dental Benefit Scheme Update

It’s almost December which means it’s getting very close to the Child Dental benefit scheme getting shut down. The ADA are still working to get this decision overturned by confirming support from crossbench Senator Brian Burston. The ADA believes the CDBS is very important in reducing oral decay in Australian children. The ADA claims that […]

Sports Drinks

It’s come to my attention that sports drinks have become quite a popular item when heading off to the gym or sports field, so popular that people tend to grab a sports drink over water before heading out to get fit. So are these drinks good for you? These drinks are designed for professional athletes […]