Emergency Dentistry

We understand that people with a dental emergency need immediate attention fast or urgent dental care. As such we allocate time for emergencies and offer same day appointments. We are also open most public holidays by appointment only.

Dental emergencies can be due to a number of reasons

Please call us on 9490 8777 so we can attend to your dental emergency on the same day.

At what age should I bring my children in to see a dentist?

By the time your child is 2-3 years old, they will have most or all of their baby teeth. This is a good time to start bringing them in for their first check up.

At Ashburton Dental Centre, we want to make visiting the dentist as fun and enjoyable for kids. All our dentists are kind and gentle and want to make the child feel as comfortable as possible in a non threatening way so that they will love coming back regularly for their check up and cleans.

We usually see children for a check up first to get your child familiar with coming to a dentist whilst they are young. As they get older and more confident we progress to cleans and any other treatment as required.

During your child’s dental visit we will:

We love to see kids!

Why are xrays taken?

Xrays help our dentists diagnose and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan for your teeth. Sometimes we cannot clinically see decay, such as in between teeth and underneath fillings. The use of xrays helps diagnose and detect decay when it is small so that little problems don’t become a big one. Usually we take xrays routinely every 2-3 years when you come in for your routine check up and clean.

We may also have to take xrays to check for infection or before we need to extract a tooth to check the roots of the tooth so we can better plan the extraction. At Ashburton Dental Centre, we use digital xrays so that the image comes up quickly and we can explain it to you on the computer. We never take xrays unnecessarily.

Do you do extractions?

Yes we do. There are several reasons why your teeth may need extraction. These include:

1. Severe periodontal (gum) disease: Bacteria in tartar (buildup) on your teeth can cause bone loss. The teeth may become very mobile and loose and require extraction if they cause discomfort in chewing or develop an abscess

2. Decay: Large decay can infect the nerve causing it to die. This can result in a infection (abcess) and cause a severe toothache. If you do not want to have the tooth extracted, we also offer root canal treatment so you can still keep your tooth and we can get rid of the infection

3. Broken teeth: Where a tooth is very broken down that it cannot be rebuilt up or restored then it will need extraction. We can also discuss ways we can replace the missing tooth

4. Wisdom teeth: Sometimes wisdom teeth become impacted when there is not enough room for it to erupt in your mouth. Over time, it may become hard to clean and decay can develop and generally may have to be removed. We can take out most wisdom teeth at Ashburton Dental Centre. For the more difficult cases, we can also refer you to an Oral Surgeon, who will take it out for you.

We will always make sure that your tooth is very numb first before we do the extraction. We do not want you to feel any pain during the procedure as we want to make it as pain free and pleasant as possible.

Do you make dentures?

Yes we do make dentures, both acrylic (plastic) or chrome cobalt (metal) dentures.

First the dentist will assess your mouth to make sure there is no infection in the mouth, and that all the fillings are done. Once the mouth is healthy, the denture making process consists of a few steps

1. First impressions to make an impression tray that is individually made to fit the shape of your mouth

2. Second impressions are taken, which are a more accurate impression taken in the special tray. We will also record the way your teeth bite together at this appointment and choose a denture teeth colour to match your other existing teeth. (If there are no existing teeth, we can choose a colour together that will look as natural as possible for you)

3. Try in appointment will check the fit of the denture, before it is processed. At this appointment we can make sure you are happy with your denture, everything is stable. We can make changes if required.

4. Insert appointment: At this appointment you will get your new denture. We will check a few things and make sure everything feels comfortable for you. We will go over instructions on how to look after your dentures and how to keep them clean.

The denture making process is very thorough and does involve a few steps, but we want to make sure that everything fits perfectly so you feel comfortable with it when you are eating or speaking.

What to do if tooth is knocked out

1. Check if it’s an adult or baby tooth. Do not replant if it is a baby tooth.

2. Hold the tooth by the crown (which is the white part of the tooth). Avoid touching the root

3. If there is dirt on the tooth, wash it under water for 10 seconds before re positioning it in the same position in the mouth

4. If this cannot be done, place the tooth in some milk or saline in a cup

5. Immediately make an appointment to see a dentist (Ph: 9490 8777)

What to do with a cracked tooth

A cracked tooth can be very painful and you can normally notice when you bite on hard foods. Cracked teeth should treated immediately to prevent the crack from spreading.

Causes of cracked teeth include

Treatment for crack teeth may include removing the crack and placing a filling. In some cases a crown is needed to protect the tooth and prevent further fracture.

When do baby teeth and adult teeth come through?

Why should you wear a mouthguard

At Ashburton Dental Centre we make customised mouthguards specific to your teeth. This means they will not fall out when you’re playing sports, are thick enough for protecting your teeth. They also come in a wide range of colours so you can match your sports team.

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