Hope you enjoy these facts and have hopefully learnt something new and interesting.

– Teeth are like fingerprints, no two sets are the same, every set of teeth are unique.
– A third of your tooth lay underneath your gum which only makes two thirds of a tooth visible to the eye.
– Humans have four different types of teeth, the Molars, Pre-molars, Canines and Incisors which cut, grind and tear food.
– On average a person would spend about 38.5 days brushing their teeth over a lifetime.
– We only get two sets of teeth throughout our life, first is the Baby teeth then the Permanent teeth, so that’s why we should take good care of them.
– Teeth form before you are even born. baby teeth start to form while in the womb, but may not appear for about 6-12 months after a baby is born.
– If for any reason a tooth gets knocked out its best to place the tooth in milk, then place it back in the socket and see a dentist soon after.
– Your oral health can be linked to many diseases like heart disease and Diabetes.
– Your tooth enamel (the top surface) is the hardest part of your body.
– Our mouths produce about 25,000 quarts of saliva over a lifetime! that amount can fill two swimming pools.
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