It’s well known that most people’s idea of good health is eating fruit and vegetable and exercising regularly. Both these factors play an important part in being and staying healthy, but the overall health of your teeth and gums can also affect your health.
Gum disease is linked to illnesses such as pneumonia or exacerbated diabetes symptoms.

That’s why doing such simple tasks like brushing twice a day, flossing regularly and visiting a Dentist regularly is important.

Factors that can affect your Dental Health.

Factors that can affect the overall health of your teeth and gums are smoking, drinking, medications prescribed and non-prescribed, illicit drugs and stress.

Smoking can most definitely stain and discolour teeth, along with these factors smoking is linked to a decrease in blood flow to the teeth and gums, bone shrinkage, tooth loss and the ease of saliva production. A more serious symptom would be Oral cancer.

Combining smoking and excessive alcohol intake can also increase the risk of oral cancer.
The sugar and acidity contained in alcohol can cause tooth erosion and if you vomit regularly from alcohol intake can put your teeth at more risk. Alcohol also dehydrates you affecting the production of saliva, drinking lots of water while drinking alcohol can help reduce the effects along with drinking lots of water the day after a night out.

Not only can the use of drugs affect you physically as well as behaviourally it can lead to grinding of your teeth, dry mouth, gum disease and tooth decay. Drug use can also be linked to binge eating which means unhealthy food choices and bad hygiene care.

Life and the stresses that come with it can lead to problems in your mouth, some symptom associated with stress are mouth ulcers, cold sores, grinding and clenching teeth, some people don’t even notice these factors. Stress can also affect how well you look after yourself and that includes your oral hygiene.