It’s almost December which means it’s getting very close to the Child Dental benefit scheme getting shut down. The ADA are still working to get this decision overturned by confirming support from crossbench Senator Brian Burston.

The ADA believes the CDBS is very important in reducing oral decay in Australian children. The ADA claims that one in two children experience decay in baby teeth before they have reached the age of 6 and nearly half of 12 year olds have a history of decay in adult teeth.

Without the CDBS the already overstretched public system will be struggling even more, writing from my own experience, my children are not eligible for the CDBS but are still able to go see the Dentist through the public school Dentist system, the only problem with this is that my kids won’t get seen for 2 years as the waiting list is so long. If the benefit is cancelled their trip to the Dentist along with many other children will most likely be longer.

Kids should be seen at least once a year by the Dentist so if the CDBS is cancelled regular visits to the Dentist for our children won’t be so regular unless you take them to a private Dentist instead but not everybody can afford to take their kids to see a private Dentist.

I am hoping this extra support will overturn this decision to cancel CDBS, so let’s hope that Senator Burnston is able to help in keeping the CDBS.