Today I thought I would write about the reason why coffee causes bad breath. I myself love coffee but I don’t love how my mouth feels after drinking a coffee. Food and drinks we eat tend to make us smell like what we have consumed. These food and drinks are digested in our stomachs and intestines, the chemicals contained in these foods travel through our bloodstream. The more pungent food or drink we consume the more pungent our breath and body odour will be. Certain odours will last until it’s completed processing and has completely passed out of our bodies, food that contains high sulphur compounds like coffee cause the worst odours.

Ever felt that after drinking coffee that your mouth feels dry, well this is caused from the caffeine in coffee, it slows down the saliva production, making your mouth dry. There is two reasons why lack of saliva causes bad breath, one is saliva helps kill bacteria in your mouth, two is saliva helps digest foods particles caught in your teeth and around your mouth. If you don’t have enough saliva due to caffeine then the bacteria will grow out of control which is the same with your saliva not being able to digest food particles in your mouth, instead the bacteria will break down those food particles causing bad odours.

Coffee has a very strong odour that smells worse than it tastes, coffee combined with other food that gives off a bad odour can result in terrible smelling breath.

If you do love a coffee or two maybe its best to keep your intake to a minimum.

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