This week is dental health week. We had the pleasure of visiting a local Day-care centre to have a chat about teeth and how best to look after them. We had such fun getting the kids involved in choosing cut out pictures of food and then placing them on our good teeth, bad teeth posters. We also taught them the importance of brushing, and how to look after their teeth. We played an informative cartoon for them, sponsored by Colgate, all about, you guessed it teeth which they seemed to really enjoy.

All the kids were awesome and loved playing the games, they especially liked receiving a show bag with lots of information to take home to their parents.

Not only was it fun for the kids but we also had a blast as well. I think it’s very important to educate children on oral care and to also show them that it’s not so scary visiting the Dentist.

I would like to thank my awesome Dental Assistant Breanna for coming along to help and DMS for supplying us with some fab toothbrushes.

Dr Katherine Tan