Over the years working in the Dental industry, I have come across many patients who are very anxious about seeing a Dentist, myself included when I was a kid. I have heard the “I would rather give birth than see a Dentist” many times or “I hate Dentist” so so many times or the “I hate needles”, the list goes on. My Mum has also asked me not to mention anything about my job to certain family members as they are super scared of going to the Dentist. Sometimes for nervous patients it’s inventible that they will sooner or later need to go see a Dentist, so I have a few tactics to help you try to overcome your fears or at least tolerate Dental visits.

1- Don’t try to hide your fears and anxieties.

A lot of people suppress there Dental anxiety, but this can make things worse. Feel free to let your Dentist know about your dental anxiety and remind them each time you visit so they can accommodate you accordingly to make your visit more comfortable. Fear of going to the Dentist is more common than you think so trust your Dentist.

2- Techniques that may help.

To help you be more relaxed when visiting a Dentist you could try deep breathing exercises and mentally relaxing your body all over to help with nerves. Feel free to ask the Dentist if they have any other suggestions that may be helpful.

3- Distractions.

While in the chair you can close your eyes and try to imagine you are somewhere else (that has nothing to do with Dental), some patients bring an ipod in to listen to music or a stress ball or just watch TV (which we can help you with).

I hope these pointers are helpful to some of you who are scared to visit the Dentist (we are very nice indeed).