Accidents occur all the time. Some can involve teeth and can be quite serious. If teeth do suffer trauma then there are some precautions you can take to minimise the effects on teeth.

Accidents involving teeth include teeth becoming cracked, chipped or loose but symptoms may not be visible straight away. Even though you may not see any signs of trauma it is still best to get the affected teeth looked at and checked to avoid any long term damage. In saying this, there is other things you can do before you see the Dentist.
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We all know kids are wonderful at having accidents, hey, it’s all part of being a kid right? but here are a few steps you can follow if a child knocks out a tooth.

1. Find and clean tooth only holding the crown part.
2. Place tooth back in socket, make sure it is in the right way and place back in. Remember don’t put back in if it’s a baby tooth!!
3. Go to dentist as soon as possible. if you are not able to replant tooth place it in milk or saliva.
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If children get a toothache they should see the dentist straight away. but before going to see dentist, it is recommended to rinse their mouth out with salt water, use paracetamol for pain and a cold press if there is swelling (please don’t do this on babies that are teething.)

If braces or retainers become broken or bent its best to cease wearing them until they have been fixed or adjusted by an orthodontist.
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As with children getting to the Dentist quickly also applies.

1. Find and clean tooth holding only the crown.
2. Rinse with milk, don’t scrub or soak.
3. Place back in socket the right way, once you’re comfortable with the tooths position gently bite down on a tissue or bit of cloth.
4. If you couldn’t put tooth back in place put it in milk or saliva.
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If Adults, Teens and Children play sport it’s always a good idea to get a custom made mouthguard made by the dentist to help protect your teeth from any sporting injuries.