Most people have a filling or two in their mouth, either due from decay or trauma. When you go for your regular Dental check-up, the Dentist can determine from the help of X-rays if any decay is present. If there is decay the Dentist can decide the best method to use to restore the tooth.

If a filling is required there is a variety of different materials that can be used. Each material has different properties and advantages. The Dentist will determine what material to use in relation to the type of tooth, strength requirements and how your teeth bite. The type of material used are as follows.

AMALGAM-Is very durable, but is usually used for larger cavities, the colour of the material will go black with age. Amalgam is regarded as safe so there is no need to replace your old amalgam fillings unless it needs to be replaced for other reasons. Our clinic does not use amalgams.

COMPOSITE RESINS– Is commonly used white or tooth coloured material. It is glued to the tooth surface, there is a range of different shades to match your teeth. Composite is our clinic’s preferred restorative material of choice for simple fillings

GLASS IONOMER CEMENT (GIC)-Is also a tooth coloured material but not as durable or as strong as composite. This material is often used for non-biting surfaces or to fill baby teeth.

GOLD AND PORCELAIN- Gold filling long term are most durable, porcelain are also strong and long lasting and can be matched with your other teeth. It takes more preparation for this type of material so expect more than one appointment, it’s also more costly.

TEMPORARY FILLINGS- Temporary fillings are a short term solution related to a tooth that needs treatment over multiple appointments

If you require a filling, you may feel sensitivity to pressure, cold air, sweet foods after the restoration. if these symptoms persist you will need to return to your Dentist to investigate.

A filling can wear and tear over time which can introduce decay in any chips or cracks but if you visit a Dentist regular any issues can be rectified.