Flossing is an oral care task- people either floss daily, floss randomly or not at all. Most people I ask say it is not part of their daily oral care routine.

So is flossing important to your overall Dental health? Well combined with brushing and mouthwash it certainly contributes to a healthier mouth overall. If you are not flossing you are actually missing a large portion of your tooth surface that cannot be cleaned as well with brushing. Those surfaces that need to be cleaned with flossing lies between the teeth. Removing plaque from between your teeth will help prevent gum disease, halitosis (bad breath) and tooth decay. So yes, it is an important part of your oral care!

Flossing Technique

It is always best to get a dental professional to instruct you about flossing correctly. In the meantime here is some basic tips to get you flossing beautifully.

• Wrap floss around your middle finger and the rest across your thumbs and index fingers.
• Insert floss gently, moving floss from side to side carefully.
• When you clean the neck of the tooth (the part were tooth meets gum) curl floss and gently clean under the gum.

If floss and fingers combined in your mouth is something you just are not able to do than you can try other alternatives like floss threaders, floss picks or interdental brush cleaners instead.

Flossing Daily

Now that you know how important flossing is, it’s time to make sure you include flossing in to your daily oral care routine. You should floss once a day, either in the morning or at night. It’s also a good habit for kids to get into the routine of flossing, in saying that parents will need to help kids out at least to the age of 10.

Happy flossing!