Fluoride is a natural mineral which helps fight of the effects of tooth decay.

Fluoride is not artificial or a medication but a natural mineral present in vegetables, grains, soil and rocks, and also the most well-known source is in fresh or salt water. Fluoride found naturally is not enough to protect your teeth, so small amounts are added to the water supply along with products like toothpaste and gels.


Fluoride is very effective at combating tooth decay, when your teeth are developing it gives your teeth strength in order to resist bacterial acid which leads to tooth decay, simply it slows bacteria growth in your mouth (plaque).

The most effective way to receive fluoride is with your toothpaste if it is fluoridated. Drinking water via tap water also has a significant effect. If for some reason you need more fluoride, a Dentist can apply high fluoride products such as gels or varnishes for your teeth. The Dentist may also suggest fluoride supplements if you are in an area where water fluoridation isn’t carried out.


In Australia, fluoride has been added to our water supplies since the 1960s. It has proven to be effective at reducing tooth decay amounts in children and adults. The choice to do this is strongly backed by the AMA.


Fluoride has been proven to benefit consumers. Some negligible results can be dental fluorosis (small flecks on tooth enamel) which can occur from ingesting too much fluoride, but it’s rarely visible and not damaging to teeth and is normally a result from children consuming adult strength fluoride tooth paste. Otherwise the benefits of fluoride outweigh the negatives. It is the most effective and natural way of keeping your teeth healthy along with a good dental hygiene routine, a good balanced diet and visiting your Gosnells Dentist regularly.