Let’s be honest nobody likes bad breath. So how do we avoid having bad breath? Well, the simplest way is maintaining good oral hygiene regularly.

Basics to Follow
To maintain good oral hygiene it’s a good idea to follow the big three Brush, Floss and Rinse steps

2 minutes twice a day with either an electric or manual toothbrush to remove any plaque bacteria, also brushing your tongue especially towards the back is a great tip to include into your routine.


Helps remove any food particles stuck between teeth.
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Try include a mouthwash into your routine to keep everything nice and fresh.

Other helpful tips to protect against bad breath are as follows:

      Drink plenty of water in accordance with your daily activity level.
      Chewing gum stimulates saliva – Sugar free gum is an ideal choice.
      Find out if any of the foods you are eating may be contributing to bad breath eg garlic, onions.
      If you feel its chronic bad breath, this symptom could be related to something more serious, so best to contact a dental or medical professional.
      Other habits such as smoking and drinking can also be a contributing factor to causing bad breath.

Also it’s always good to regularly see your local dentist for your regular checks and clean.