I thought I would write about infection control at a Dental surgery, some patients may not be aware of how strict infection control in Australian Dental surgeries are. Infection control procedures are put in place to protect patients, Dentist and practice staff as well as the public. Australian standards for infection control are one of the strictest in the world, so as a patient visiting a Dental clinic you can feel at ease about your visit. Like anything breaches can happen if infection control guidelines are not followed but the vast majority of Dental professionals follow these strict guidelines and non-compliance is rare.

Guidelines on infection control must be put in place along with clear instructions and types of procedures that need to be followed by Dentist and staff routinely. These guidelines help to prevent or minimise any spread of infectious diseases.

Dental surgeries are required to follow the ADAs Guidelines for Infection Control along with Self-Assessment tool for Infection Control and the Practical Guide to Infection Control.

At Ashburton Dental Centre we take infection control very seriously that sometimes when I am at home I still think I have to put protective gear on like gloves and masks (ha-ha) We do our very best to protect our patients along with our staff so it’s pleasant and safe all round.