This week we had a visit from our friendly MacLean’s rep c/o GSK. Macleans have introduced a new free app called Nurdle Time for kids. Let’s face it, it can be difficult to get kids to brush their teeth, I’m sure most parents have dealt with the constant struggle to get that toothbrush inside the little ones mouth or the constant reminders to get the older ones to go brush their teeth not once but twice a day grrr. We do it because teaching them good oral hygiene habits is important not only for their overall oral health but to make sure they continue these habits throughout their life.

Nurdle time is a guide for caring for your child’s teeth. Parents will be able to get tips on how best to go about cleaning there child’s teeth and building up good lasting oral care, of course it’s also fun and won’t make it seem like a chore because kids just looove to do chores ha-ha.
The Nurdle time app is available at the Apple app store or Google play. Hope it’s a great fun guide for you.

As well as the awesome app we were also given tooth brushing charts to hand out to the kids, I personally think this is a great idea. Your child can tick off each time they brush their teeth and even better is if you laminate the chart you can keep reusing it. We have these charts available in our surgery so please come in for a visit we would love to see your family.