Most of us know with the New Year comes New Year resolutions. Everyone gets back into their yearly sport teams or rush into new and exciting sport and activities. While this is all well and good remember to think of your pearly whites as you don’t want to risk an accident or knock to your teeth.

Mouth guards are very important and help protect your teeth from damaging them or suffering from long term problems. Mouth guards work as a cushion for your teeth and lips as if you were to fall over they prevent your teeth accidently cutting your lips.

To make a mouth guard is a very easy process. It require two short appointments. One is to take a mould of your teeth so we can make you a personalised mouth guard and the second appointment is to pick your new mouth guard up. Mouth guards come in all different colour options so you can customise it to your favourite colours or team colours.

To book in to get your new year’s mouth guard call us on 9497 4777 today to make an appointment.