Lately I have been finding a bit of a trend developing where people are going overseas to get there Dental work done. The motivation for this is to save money on dental treatment they need. Sometimes short term savings may not work out in the long run if something happens to go wrong.

If things go wrong.

Problems can arise in the Dental chair. If something does happen in Australia there is highly trained Dentist on offer to correct a procedure, this may not be the case overseas.


Dentist in Australia have to meet a high standard, be registered and need to operate in a strictly regulated environment. Other countries may not adhere to the same requirements. Their Dentists may not be as qualified, the environment may not be as strict and the materials they use may not be of high quality.

The infection control procedures used in Dental surgeries in Australia are very strict, which is important when treating many people, this may not be the same in other countries. There is an increased concern about “superbugs” which are resistant to antibiotics which you need to fight infection. This “superbug” was rare in Australia but as more people are returning from overseas after getting treatment done we are seeing more cases.

What you need to find out.

It’s important if you do want to get Dental work done overseas to check if the Dentist is trained at a reputable university and if the health standards in the country you are going to are of the same standards as in Australia.
It is a good idea to find out about time management and extra expenses if something does happen to go wrong.