Yesterday was International Woman’s Day so I thought I would take the opportunity to write about pregnancy and your teeth.
So firstly congratulations if you are expecting a baby, that is a very exciting event!
With pregnancy there is always other things to worry about so going to the Dentist may not be a priority. Your Dental health plays a big part in your overall health which in turn can affect your baby. It’s always good to maintain a good dental health routine.
All of us have heard those old wives tales were your teeth loses calcium or you can lose teeth during pregnancy or fluoride treatment are not good for your baby, please disregard these.
Pregnancy brings about hormonal fluctuations which can cause issues with your teeth and gum, so it’s best to maintain regular dental visits, if you are experiencing any issues with your gums or teeth then the Dentist will be able to treat issues and they are also knowledgeable as to what type of medication you can take during pregnancy if you require medication.

Food Cravings and Morning Sickness-

Pregnancy brings on food cravings and some of those cravings are not the healthiest, so it’s best to try and limit these weird food cravings and maybe try healthier options.
Vomit from morning sickness is very acidic and can damage your teeth. It’s best not to brush your teeth straight after you have been sick. Wait about an hour as if you brush your teeth it can strip away the tooths enamel which leaves your teeth unprotected. It’s better to rinse your mouth with water to wash away the acid.
Lastly it is best to maintain your oral hygiene as you can develop pregnancy gingivitis which can be treated by the dentist. If you remember these tips then it shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience throughout your pregnancy.

Hope this was helpful, wishing you a great pregnancy.