Previously Dentures would have been referred to as false teeth. Dentures now are not similar to what say your Grandparents used to wear, they are more natural looking and comfortable. Of course, they won’t stay comfortable or retain a good appearance if they are not looked after properly as issues will most likely arise. If you do have dentures, it’s important that your mouth is healthy and clean and that your dentures fit properly.

Issues that may arise are:-

Issues speaking and eating.
Irritation in the mouth and gums.
Dentures moving around while wearing them.
Mouth infections.

Treating denture issues:-

Denture problems- Its best to see a Dental Prosthetist or Dentist to see if the dentures need to be replaced or adjusted.
Denture fit- Over time your bone and gum may change and in turn your dentures may not fit as well. Dentures may need to be adjusted, modified or replaced. (Don’t attempt to adjust dentures yourself).
Speaking- Dentures may cause you to have difficulty saying specific words, you just need to patient and practice those particular words.
Mobile Dentures- If your denture moves about while taking eating or laughing try softly biting down and swallowing to put back into place if mobility is extreme it’s a good idea to have your dentures looked at.
Eating- Try consuming soft foods if you are struggling to eat with dentures. You can try tiny portions, yogurt, and eggs and so on. Avoid sticky foods and chew food slowly it will become easier over time.

Mouth infections (not very common)

Cheilosis- It’s an infection that affects the edge of the mouth which is caused by a yeast overgrowth. If the dentures do not fit properly the yeast will accumulate in the moist areas.
Stomatitis- An infection caused by an overabundance of yeast, symptoms include red small bumps on the roof of the mouth or redness in the mouth.
Both can be treated with medication and good denture care.

Caring for your denture.

– Take dentures out when you are sleeping, you should only sleep with your dentures when you first get them.
– Be careful handling them they are fragile and break easy, don’t leave around for pets and children to grab.
– Clean denture daily.
– Soak overnight in denture cleanser.
– Clean in morning before putting them on using a soft brush in warm water, soap or denture cleanser.
– Clean your mouth daily.
– Avoid using toothpicks or hot water.

Hope this is helpful if you require dentures or have them already. Please call 9490 8777 if you have any queries about dentures