If you are a person that prefers to save a tooth rather than get the tooth removed than your only option is root canal treatment if your tooth qualifies upon examination. Indication that your tooth may need a root canal include a damaged or infected pulp from trauma or advanced decay. The benefits of doing root canal treatment is you get to keep your tooth, regaining the tooth’s appearance and functionality.

When is a Root Canal needed?
Root canal may be needed if a tooth is damaged or has cavities that has affected the nerve of the tooth. If the nerve of the tooth has been compromised than a simple filling will not resolve the issue. The tooth that is affected may have been caused by either pulp damage (chronic infection of the tooth), major tooth breakage or inflammation.

Symptoms of a compromised tooth can include swelling and toothache from the tooth pulp being infected. If not seen to the pain will worsen. Eventually an abscess will form around
the gum area of the tooth which is pus from serious infection and can become systemic. Of course an examination with X-rays on the affected tooth will determine the extent of the infection and if root canal is or can be a treatment option. If you are experiencing severe pain or even suspect there may be an abscess on your gum than it’s recommended to see a Dentist to get it sorted and you out of pain. We at Ashburton are able to talk you through the root canal procedure if that’s what you need and desire.
We hope to hear from you soon and if you require any further information about Root canal treatment or anything else please contact us we are happy to help.