If at some point you’re experiencing short, sharp pain from cold, hot or pressure you may have sensitive teeth. Cold or hot drinks, cold air or some dental procedures can be common triggers of sensitive teeth.
About 45% of Australians experience pain from these triggers.

CAUSE- Gum recession is usually the primary cause of sensitive teeth. Age, brushing to hard and periodontal disease may be causing your gums to recede. If your gum has receded it leaves small openings in the root of the tooth which are dentine tubules, once these tubules are exposed the area will be opened up by acidic foods and drink leading directly to the nerve of the tooth causing pain.

Your Dentist can apply a desensitising paste to the area giving you instant and lasting relief. Your Dentist can also recommend you use a type of sensitive toothpaste at home regularly. There is many different types of these products available to choose from.

If you think that you may be experiencing sensitive teeth it’s important to go see your Dental professional who can determine if this is the case and advise you of treatment if you are suffering from sensitivity.