Hello Readers!!

I love a smile and find someone who smiles makes me want to smile as well. I come across many different

smiles in the Dental industry so I thought I would find out some facts about smiling. We all know smiling

uses fewer muscles than a frown so get smiling.

I have some facts that should turn that frown upside down.


# 1 Smiling releases endorphins (you feel better).

# 2 Smiling is well known as an expression of happiness everywhere.

# 3 Smiling is contagious.

# 4 Babies actually start smiling while asleep once they are born, and they are the best cutest smiles.

# 5 Smiling can reduce blood pressure.

# 6 There are 19 types of smiles all expressing different emotions, that’s a lot of smiles.

# 7 It’s been said that men are more attracted to a woman with a great smile, this doesn’t seem to be

the same for a man as a woman find a man who doesn’t smile more appealing.

# 8 Smiling makes you sound friendlier like when you are talking on the phone.

# 9 If you smile a lot you will likely live longer, your emotional health is tied to your physical health.

# 10 People tend to smile more when they are around other people rather than on their own.

I hope all these facts are making you smile and that you are enjoying the boost of endorphins.