It’s come to my attention that sports drinks have become quite a popular item when heading off to the gym or sports field, so popular that people tend to grab a sports drink over water before heading out to get fit.

So are these drinks good for you?

These drinks are designed for professional athletes to assist there body to recover after intense athletic activities and are carefully controlled. If your exercise routine isn’t as intense than these drinks are not really going to work the way they are supposed to. Worse thing is these drinks are full of sugars and acids, sooooo bad for your teeth. The acids in these drinks can cause tooth erosion and decay. If you are going to consume sports drinks its best done in moderation.

Better Options

When sweating it out what would an alternative be to sports drinks? Water of course, it helps with dehydration e.g. dryness, acidic taste and excessive sweating quickly, you just need to grab it out of the tap and its FREE with no labels that might strain your eyes


A tip to work out how to read labels on food and drinks can be simple.
If you look on the label to see if the product contains sugar or acid don’t just check the word sugar and think that is all it contains also look for honey, rice syrup and even organic dehydrated can juice. When looking for acid you can also look for items like citric acid or sodium benzoate. If it ends with “ate” then it’s a form of acid.

Reading labels like this will help you determine which sports drinks are better for your teeth and health and which ones are not.

Hope this helps you out when you next go to purchase a sports drink.

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