Recently people have asked me if I have heard of the “The Singing Dentist “and if I had watched his videos. I have recalled hearing about him but wasn’t sure what it was all about so I decided to check it out for myself. So the “Singing Dentist” is Dr Milad Shadrooh who is a Dentist in the UK, he likes to sing songs to his patients that relate to Dental care advice, apparently his videos have been viewed by 10 million people, I think I can safely say that his videos have gone viral.

The first video I checked out was “Gappy” (Happy by Pharrell Williams) about gum disease, loved it, so funny, next one I viewed was “This is how we brush teeth” (This is how we do it by Montell Jordan), wow this guy is a genius and looks like he’s really enjoying himself immensely, I loved, loved “I like your molars” (I like to move it by Reel to Reel). Patients who visit this dentist must get such a treat.

In my opinion this guy is amazing, not only is he entertaining he is also educating adults and kids about dental care, very clever. Other songs you can check out are “Return of the plaque”, “Sweet eater” and more, just check him out on You Tube or his Facebook page.