My Daughter who is almost 10 years old had her baby canine fall out a few weeks ago, anyway she wrote a note for the Tooth Fairy, a very funny note asking (or negotiating) for $100 or fairy dust, making it quite clear she would prefer the $100. Well “the Tooth Fairy” only gave her fairy dust, I mean $100 for a tooth she’s dreaming, but I will give her points for trying.

Getting to my point I posted a picture of the letter she wrote on Facebook and one comment I got me just a little worried. Someone had stated that maybe she was a little too old to believe in the tooth fairy. As I mulled this over in my head I realised I like the fact that she still believed in the tooth fairy, in my opinion there is no harm in it plus knowing what my daughter is like if I were to tell her otherwise then she would most definitely tell her younger Brother who hasn’t lost that many teeth yet, I don’t want it ruined for him yet. To be Honest I always thought that kids just figured it out for themselves.

So the question is if the Tooth fairy is something your kids believe in, at what age would you tell them or would you just let them figure it out for themselves?

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