Visiting the Dentist when you gag can be an uncomfortable experience. I myself gag in the Dentist chair, when I brush my teeth and even when I floss. It is very difficult for me to get x-rays of my teeth but over the years I have gotten a lot better at controlling my gag reflex. I find getting any dental treatment done is a lot more of a pleasant experience for me now and I can handle a lot more than I used to. Working in a dental surgery I have seen other patients with a high gag reflex so it is not uncommon. If you are one of these people it is always best to let your Dentist know you have a sensitive gag reflex. I have some tips that can help you control your gag reflex and yes I have tried these tips.

~ Sprinkling 1 to 2 grams of salt on your tongue before taking X-Rays can help in most cases.

~ You can ask the Dentist to apply a numbing spray in your mouth before you take X-Rays or an impression.

~ If you need an impression taken you can ask if the Dentist can use a fast setting material.

~ If you lift your leg up keeping it in the air until X-Rays and impressions are done, this will get you focusing on your leg rather than your gagging.

~ You can sit up if you need an impression taken instead of lying down.

~ Concentrated breathing through your nose during procedures can help, I find this one works well for me.

~ Listen to your iPod during treatment.

These are common tips patients who have a gag reflex can use it’s just a matter of finding which ones work for you. There is no harm in trying these out and also working with your Dentist to make your Dental visits more comfortable.