The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) can issue either a Gold card or White card if you are a Veteran. If you are eligible for one of these cards you can receive Dental treatment from any Dentist that is registered to provide services through the Medicare benefits scheme. We at Ashburton are one of these practices, but please check before making an appointment with a Dentist to see if they can provide treatment to a DVA patient as not all Dentist are registered.


Being a Gold card holder usually entitles you to having all your Dental treatment covered, if the treatment is needed. White card holders are covered for services in relation to any recognised conditions. Sometimes treatment required may need to be approved from the DVA. The Dentist will be able to confirm if approval is needed or treatment if treatment can be done straight away.


You will need to realise that many of the standard treatments do not have an annual limit but some do. The Dentist can determine which category certain treatment falls under and how much available funds you can spend each year.

To find out what Veterans are exempt from limits and any other information please contact either 133254 (Metro) 1800 555 254 (Regional) or email –