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Woman getting fitted for denturesDo you need to replace several missing teeth? Custom dentures allow you to restore several or all your teeth with a simple, removable prosthesis.

Full Dentures

When you need to replace all your teeth at one time, a full denture may be best. Sometimes called “plates,” these prosthetics rest directly on top of your gum tissues and immediately restore each tooth across your entire upper or lower arch.

The base of your denture will have a pink acrylic material that’s topped off with custom shaped and shaded teeth. You can select the colour of your preference or we’ll suggest one for you. The key is to find a hue and tooth contour that looks natural and matches your other facial characteristics.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace multiple teeth when there are still healthy teeth intact. Instead of extracting those remaining teeth, the partial is created to snap into place around them.

A partial denture can have a pink acrylic or cobalt chrome base, depending on the case at hand. If you need to replace additional teeth in the future, it may be possible to add to your existing partial.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Sometimes, removable dentures can be stabilised by dental implants for added security. If you have a thin jaw due to bone loss, the implants allow the prosthesis to remain stable throughout the day without having to rely on messy pastes or denture adhesives.

Getting a denture or partial made usually requires 2-4 visits (two for a partial, four for a full denture). During the initial stage, we’ll need to take impressions of your mouth for the lab to use as they design your prosthesis. A partial is typically ready within two weeks. For a full denture, we’ll want to see you back for a try-in and adjustments to ensure an optimal fit.

It’s best to practice speaking and eating with your denture to adjust to it quicker. Most people take 2-4 weeks to get used to their new appliance. Cutting your food up into smaller pieces, eating softer meals and talking in front of a mirror are great ways to make the transition an easier one.

If you require tooth extractions, additional appointments may be necessary.

The better you care for and maintain your denture, the longer it can last. Typically, most appliances have a lifetime of 15-20 years. As your bone changes, your denture fit will too. Sometimes it’s possible to reline the underside of the plate, but other times, it may need to be replaced altogether. Consequently, partial dentures don’t need to be updated as often, because there are still healthy teeth for them to rest against.

It’s important to take your denture out every night and clean it thoroughly. Denture cleansing tablets placed in a bowl of lukewarm water are ideal for loosening debris and stain that accumulated throughout the day.

After soaking, use a toothbrush to clean the denture and rinse it with cool water. Allow it to set in a dry, safe place overnight while you’re sleeping. Do not wear your denture to bed, as it can lead to infections and a faulty fitting appliance.

Need a New Denture?

For a fast and predictable way to replace missing teeth, ask about our dentures Gosnells. Request your consultation at Ashburton Dental Centre today.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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